Friday, April 4, 2014

March favorites!

Hi you guys,

This is a different type of post. I have not done this before so i hope youn like it and tell me your thoughts. But lets get started.

I have some bad brake-outs and i have used many masks and i have two that really liked.

The first one is:
Apivita- express beauty with Aloe. It is a moisturizing face mask with aloe.
And the second one is:
Apivita - express beauty with gingo biloba. It is a dark circle and eye puffiness mask.

I bought them from Debenhams store for €3.65 but you also can get them from there website

They make both of them a very good job. My skin is very soft after using them and they brake outs have almost gone. Also my eyes look so awake if you get me. :) The best of those masks is that they are more than 90% of the ingredients natural.

Now lets go to beauty products that like this month and are:

Maybelline master shape brow pencil in color deep brown. I like the color so much because it matches my natural brow color and they look real natural.


Rimmel natural bronzer in color sun bronze in #022. It has SPF 15 in it and it is a waterproof bronzing powder. I like to use it when i want to make a confined contouring. Also i use it as an eye shadow for the crease.

That's all the staff that like this month tell me your thoughts if you have tried them. Until then have fun and do not forget to comment and subscribe.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rocket mascara review

Hi everyone,

  In my last hall i bought Maybelline rocket marcara because i have seen so many good reviews about it.
Maybelline has many good mascaras and love them. I love Maybelline i think you have notice it because most of the products that i buy are from them.

  I was really really exited to give this mascara a try. I like it but did not love it. I was really sad about it because i thought i will love it. This mascara separates the lashes and gives them a bit of thickness and it is built-able but is not what i like. I expect more from a mascara. I want a wow when i apply it and that i do not get it with this mascara.

I know that most of you love this mascara but for me is not so great. I love mascaras that make lashes bold and this mascara is not giving my lashes that boldness that i like. Do not get me wrong i will use it but definitely not for a night out make up. It is good for day make up and you know its really good when you are sick or in that days that you do not want to be extreme with make up.Those kind of days that you just want a little color.

I am using it when i put my Maybelline BB cream, not color on the eyes just eyeliner and Rocket mascara. Some nude pink color on my lips and cheeks.

That is all for Maybelline rocket mascara. Until next time have fun and do not forget to follow and comment.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Makeup + face + hair haul

Hi everyone,

   I have a new Haul to share with you. I got staff that i already had and used up and also got some new staff to try out. Let's get started with the list and i will tell you which ones i have tried already and why i like them so much that made me repurchase them. About the new staff i will try them out and you will see reviews of them in other posts. 

All the staff got them from a recent trip i had in UK from Boots and Superdrug. 

Maybelline BB cream. This is my favorite BB cream. I try new BB creams but i always get back to this one so I have to always have one in my make up collection. Love the soft felling when i apply it, it is easy to use, the color it's great and the coverage it's medium when you use concealer with it.

Maybelline master smokey eyeliner in black: I have this already it is my best black pencil ever. You can use it  for eyeliner for shadow to make smokey eyes. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT. I think this says it all.

Maybelline master kajal eyeliner in black: It is the new liner that maybelline introduce it lately and i had to try it because i love Maybelline products. But i got it to the wrong color. Gold it is the one that you should try. I get little difficult to apply it on top of eyeshadow. You have to use it on it's own that's why i think the best color it is the gold because gold can be a nice eye-look on its own. Black you can use it for bold lips. But again i have other better black liners that i can use.

Maybelline Rocket Mascara in black: I have seen to many good reviews about this mascara so i had to try it out. I have many mascaras from Maybelline, the false lashes and the illegal length mascara that i love so i guess this one will be good as well so i will let you know about my thoughts and i think i do a review and say which one i prefer the most and why. (what do you think? Is it a good idea?)

I also got a sharpener for my eye and lip pencils. I have an old one that needed a change.

Maybelline Instant anti-age concealer in color light: I wanted to try it when it came out but we didn't have it in  Cyprus so i had to get it when i found it. I have been using it since i bought it. I will let you know about my thoughts in another post.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation i color 100 ivory: I always have foundations with SPF inside them so i wanted a matte finish foundation and i saw this one so i got it. 

Simple facial wash gel and moisturizer: I got them because they were cheap and small perfect for traveling and wanted to use them as i was in UK. Love them my face had the feeling of a soft babe. I regret not buying more. When i find them again i will get more.

Sleek eye shadow palette in color au naturel 601: It has 12 shadows in matte and shimmer in natural colors. I have been using this palette and loving it so far but i will get in more details in another post.

Toni & Guy bag: It has 3 products inside it. It has i Dry Shampoo, a prep heat protection mist and extreme hold Hairspray. I haven't try it them yet. So when i do i will tell you my thoughts.

Real Technique sponge: I don't have any real technique brushes. But i wanted to try out a sponge and this one it is very cheap even if the brushes that they have are expensive so i got it and i am really exited about this so :-) can't wait to tell you in a full post my opinion.

Soap & Glory Face Wash: I like and have many face wash products. I never had any product from this brand and i thought this is the best to get i haven't use it yet because i have others to use up. 

Nail Art Pens from River Island: I liked the colors and i got them to make some drawings.

The best for last is the Primping with the stars kit by Benefit: Its not exactly from the haul.well i haven't own anything from Benefit and wanted to get some. But my lovely cousin got it for me for Christmas. Inside it has a light/medium concealer-eyeshadow primer, a medium cream foundation (it dark for my face but i can use it maybe on summer that i get a darker color, the Pore fessional, the They're real mascara, the liquid pear for face and rose-tinted lip and cheek stain. Loving it.

Hope you liked this post it is a bit different from my other haul posts. Let me know your thoughts. Don't forget to follow and comment until next time have fun.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maybelline illegal length mascara review

For people that love Mascara,

This post it is definitely for you. This is a Mascara that you Must try. I think that Maybelline has many Mascaras that you would love. This is one of them. When i bought this mascara and did my haul i told you that this product can't wait to try it out.

It worth trying this. Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara it exactly as the name. It separates my lashes, length them, darken them and makes them longer. It is build-able and i like to do 2 coats of mascara in my lashes and look great. The brush takes also the most small ones and really can't find word to tell you how much i like this mascara.

You must buy it. I bought a gift box that had 2 mascaras inside and a pencil that is way i don't know how much it is. But Maybelline is not an expensive brand even in Cyprus. So as much as it is it worth every penny.

Have you try this mascara? Tell me your opinion? Until next time have fun. Don't forget to follow and comment.


L'oreal bb cream Vs Maybelline bb cream review

He everyone,

   I wanted to talk to you today about this two BB creams and hope i could help you. First of all i think it is good to know my skin type so if you have the same type of skin this will help you better. It is my experience and may for you to be different. So I have combination to oily skin. 

If you see also a previous post of mine about Maybellines BB cream you would know that i LOVE it. And i continue to love it. I love the felling when i apply the cream on my face. It is soft and easy to work with it. I use my hands to apply BB creams. I prefer my hands when it is about BB creams. I use brushes only for foundation or if i use concealer before the BB cream. I also love the color and the coverage it really good for me. I also like that my skin stays soft after i remove the BB cream. The price of the Maybelline BB cream is 13euros. I got it from Debenhams in Mall of Cyprus.

I was in a Make up Sales and i saw the L'oreal Luminize BB cream and thought to give it a try. The price in stores without the sale is about 12euros. For me this BB cream did not work at all. I did not like the color. It was not covering at all. It didn't even my skin tone. Also it wasn't soft or easy to apply even with my hands. And also my skin broke after using the cream. 

After a week of use of the cream i went back to my Maybelline. I even gave the cream to my mum and also gave it back. It broke her skin also and she thought it was not easy to apply it.

I really really recommend buying Maybelline BB cream but not L'oreal Luminize BB cream. I would really like people that have dry skin tell us if it worked for them.

Until next time have fun. Don't forget to follow and comment.